Claw Machine Challenge is a perfect mix of traditional game show meets modern gaming channel all rolled up for some delicious digital consumption! Host Buddha (WOLFPAC MC, as seen on ComicBook Men, Pawn Stars and more) is joined by a potpourri of special guests spanning from all corners of the entertainment industry as they test their skills and luck with one of the world's most iconic gaming machine platforms; the Claw Machine!

Claw machines, AKA crane machines, skill cranes, and UFO catchers, are a globe phenomenon dating as far back to the 1890's where they have been creating a rollercoaster of emotions and drama with every attempt since!

Watch as each episode's superstars battle it out to see who can win the most prizes from the custom Claw Machine Challenge to benefit a specially selected animal shelter/ rescue that is selected each week! Whether it be the excitement of watching the claw in all its splendid glory anxiousness perusing the prizes until it drops from its lofty perch or getting down to the nitty gritty with each celebrity, you will have a front row seat for all the action!

Is it skill? Is it luck? Is it magic? We aren't sure! All we do know is each episode will be chock full of fun which you won't want to miss a second of so tune in to see who, if any has what it takes to become the Claw Machine Challenge Champion!

Claw Machine Challenge (C)(R)